Our Pastor

Arman Sundjaja & Ria Tjahjadi

In 1993, Ps. Arman Sundjaja (Ari) joined IFGF Church in Singapore where he served as an associate pastor. In 2003, Ps. Jimmy Oentoro, the founder of IFGF movement sent him and his wife (Ria Tjahjadi) with their 2 years old son, Brian to Melbourne to start what we have now, IFGF Melbourne Church. The Church was started with only 4 overseas university students at their rented flat in Flemington road, North Melbourne.

Together with the leadership team, Ps. Ari and Ria carry on the movement to the whole region, sharing the message of Jesus Christ to everyone.

Ps Ari and Ria are supported by the teams (Teguh, Melysyah, Andrew, Cynthia, Chandra, Henny, John, Melissa, Umar, Mimi, Andi, and Mira) who dedicate their time and energy to build the church of God.